An IC card that makes travel convenient and comfortable!

What is Fukuoka Go Pass?

It is a transportation IC card for people who have come to Japan for travelling. You can use it to pay for bus and train fare, as well as for shopping, all with the same 1 card!

You do not need to purchase tickets or use coins to pay fares! You can use it on public transportation just by touching the card to a sensor.

It can be used for shopping in places such as supermarkets and convenience stores.

It can even be used outside Fukuoka prefecture, in the places where you see the symbol below.

It has no expiration date so it can be used repeatedly.

Purchasing the card

3,000 yen will get you a card charged with a 2,500 yen balance on it.

Purchasing the card: This card can only be purchased by foreign travelers visiting Japan who have a passport issued by foreign governments, and who have a status of residence showing "short-term stay". Please present your passport when purchasing. Also, those who responded to a questionnaire may purchase the card.

Sales locations

1. Fukuoka Airport Bus Terminal (Domestic and International)
2. Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) station (North exit)
3. Nishitetsu Tenjin Express Bus Terminal
4. Hakata Bus Terminal (3rd Floor)
5. Nishitetsu Hotel Group (in Fukuoka City)

How to use the card


* For multiple people, please get a boarding certificate at the window next to the ticket gate.
* When paying for multiple people, please give the boarding certificate to the attendant at the window counter next to the ticket gate to complete payment.


* When paying fare for multiple people, please tell the driver how many adults and children before touching the card to the sensor.
* If your card failed register on the sensor when boarding, please tell the driver the bus stop at which you boarded.

If the card balance is insufficient to pay the required fare, please pay the remaining amount in cash by putting it in the fare box. After getting off, please charge the IC card with cash so that it may be used again.

How to charge

■At ticket vending machines

1. Select "nimoca IC card"
2. Select "Charge"
3. Insert your card in the card slot
4. Select charge amount
5. Insert cash

■At convenience stores

1.Charging your card is also possible at various convenience stores including Lawson.
(Please ask store clerks.)

<Other charge locations>

[nimoca charge machines]

· Nishitetsu Train stations

· Tenjin Express Bus Terminal

· Hakata Bus Terminal (1F & 3F)

[Service Counters]

· Fukuoka Airport domestic flights


(1) Cards come charged with a balance of 2,500 yen.

(2) Transportation fare payment is based on the price for one adult fare. In instances where passengers are under 12 years of age, please inform staff. The following fares apply.

Passengers over 12 years old Adult fare
Passengers 6~12 years old Child fare (half of adult fare)
Passengers under 6 years of age Free

(3) Cards can only be used by the individual who purchased the card.

(4) Cards can not be reissued when lost.

(5) Refunds can only be processed at the designated locations. (Surcharges may apply.)

(6) Refunds can not be made in cases of damaged cards. This includes cards that have been folded, suffered strong impact, or have had adhesive seals applied to them.

Cards that have been refunded may no longer be used. Keep such cards as mementos of your trip!

Locations for Refunds (Surcharge: 220 yen)

•Fukuoka Airport domestic flights

•Tenjin Express Bus Terminal

•Hakata Bus Terminal

•Nishitetsu (Tenjin) Fukuoka Station North Exit

*Refunds are not available in other locations.
*Please note that Fukuoka Airport international flights can not be refunded.



(or 092-303-7000)